About Me

Adobe Illustrator has saved my butt, on multiple occasions. Really.


One time a few years ago, when I was a UX Designer at an unusually stressful job, I showed my boss a series of 20 mockups, in three different screen sizes so 60 total, and he told me he wanted to see them ALL in black & white, by the next day. Editing 60 separate mockups on the surface sounds like a potential all-nighter at work.


But did I end up doing that all-nighter? Hell no. Not even close.


I was able to change the colors on all 60 mockups in about 5 minutes.


My boss, even though his title was Creative Director, did not know that you can edit colors very quickly in Illustrator. His attempt at designer authoritarianism failed miserably. He wasn’t a Creative Director for too much longer after that, but that is a story for another time and another place.




I have been a designer and Adobe Illustrator user since people still used dial-up modems. The technology has changed, but what has not changed is how designers learn more about their tools.


They learn from other designers. Every designer, whether they are cognizant of it or not, has his or her own ways of using their tools, including Illustrator. Each designer has found, over time and mostly on their own, ways that help them do their work better and in many cases much faster. Those techniques eventually become part of their personal toolbox of secrets, and once in a while they share some of those those secrets with other designers.


Adobe Illustrator has a lot of shortcuts that can help anyone and that’s a beautiful thing. But a lot of those treasures are hidden as obscure shortcuts or menu items or right-clicks.


It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Illustrator or have used it for years, there is always something new to learn. And what you learn can potentially have a dramatic effect on your working life.


This ebook contains excerpts from my own personal toolbox. I know that there are a lot of visual learners out there, so I decided to illustrate and share them: first on Instagram, and now here.


Why? Because I want to help you avoid those all-nighters too.


If this book helps you save even an hour of your time, you will have paid yourself back and then some. And that will make both of us very happy.



If this book saves you even an hour of your time, you will have paid yourself back



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